Highlighted Achievements

•    Turned a $50,000-a-year account into over $1 million annually by co-creating a comprehensive campaign that included brand development, marketing collateral, and website. (Vision Source)

•    Optimized catalog development and production with strategic layout by identifying top sellers, customer favorites, and new product launches with great margins. (OptiSource, Inc.)

•    Co-developed company’s Multimedia Division that increased client base and expanded agency breadth and reach into multimedia. (Linx Communications)

  1.     Spearheaded with company President a lens cleaner business with innovative, cost-effective ways to sell eyeglass cleaner bringing in large profits with low margins. (OptiSource, Inc.)

  2.     Researched and added in-house print-on-demand services saving company out-sourced printing costs. Optimized printing with gang runs and turn-around time. (OptiSource, Inc.)

•    Expanded print-on-demand services to incorporate short-run printing in-house to support a global effort to increase distributors sales. With growing ROI, educated sales team to offer services to support sales with customized catalogs, sellsheets, and other marketing collateral. (OptiSource, Inc.)

•    Slashed production time, increased sales, decreased client turnaround, virtually eliminated downtime, and built stronger relations between sales and production teams by networking entire company and optimizing file integrity, security, and retrieval. (Linx Communications)

•    Optimized Art Department by developing a streamlined production schedule to more closely meet client needs, resulting in fewer internal edits. (Linx Communications)

•    Saved thousands of dollars monthly by bringing marker comps, illustration, and storyboarding in-house, resulting in client revision flexibility. (Chandler Stillwell Advertising)

•    Developed new business by strategizing and producing innovative marketing campaigns, presentations, ad campaigns, and a high-impact self promo. (Chandler Stillwell Advertising)

•    Grew client base by delivering fresh concepts, sourcing new talent, and creating an exciting and challenging environment. (Chandler Still well Advertising)

•    Updated Art Department with faster Macs and a more efficient network; and trained and built talented creative teams on a per-project basis. (Chandler Stillwell Advertising)

•    Decreased company costs by turning out quick and accurate job estimates. (Chandler Stillwell Advertising)

•    Increased revenues by championing the redesign of the agency’s national and regional monthly four-color magazines. (Sound Resources)

•    Saved vendor outsourcing costs by establishing an in-house ad agency that designed and produced ads for in-house and other trade publications, attracting more national advertisers. (Sound Resources)

•    Built up a client base by achieving a higher standard of innovative ad design and copy and cost-effective advertising. (Levine Associates)

•    Increased productivity by creating and implementing new production scheduling procedures. (Levine Associates) (Levine Associates)

“…Mark Levine has been the best creative resource I could ever ask for—from developing the official Jackie Gleason site to the countless B-to-B sites we've worked on together over the years. I can't imagine a better collaborator.”

Scott Daughtery, President

LI Webguy

“Working with Mark is a great way to get excellent, professional art with all the creativity our clients require. The wide range of skills he possesses allows easy access to a wider range of services I now offer. Mark is a true professional!”

Richard Bernstein, Branch Manager  

American Solutions for Business

631-766-5074  |  levmac@optonline.net  |  art-of-graphics.com

Mark Levine

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