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Designing and developing site maps that are engaging, intuitive, user-friendly, and best represent a company’s products, services, and brands. Creating site maps that are responsive and function across today’s ever-changing platforms. Working with SEO to optimize ranking.

  1. Overall Creative Direction

  2. Web Design using UX Flow Charts

  3. Art Direction of Layout & Photography 

  4. Project Management

  5. Graphic Design

  6. Budget Management

  7. Team Leader for In-house and vendor IT teams

  8. Shopping Cart & eCommerce components (when applicable)

  9. Social Media & Blogs (when applicable)

Custom Upholsterers (shown)

URL: clscustom.com

Eyeglass Supplies

URL: eyeglasssupplies.com

OptiSource International

URL: 1-800-OptiSource.com

New Dimensions Physical Therapy

URL: nd-pt.com

The Official Jackie Gleason Site

URL: JackieGleason.com


URL: Bloodbytes.com

631-766-5074  |  levmac@optonline.net  |  art-of-graphics.com