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Working closely with publishers and their editorial staff and Sales Managers to analyze all copy, image support, and display and classified advertising content for accurate layouts. Keeping publications on track with budgets. Working as a liaison with photographers, illustrators, freelance artists, photostock services, type houses, and printers to meet print deadlines.

  1. Art Direction of Covers, Interior Pages, and Advertising 

  2. Layout and Design of Editorial Content

  3. In-house Ad Production

  4. Production Management of both staff and freelancers

  5. Press approval and Quality Control

  6. Oversight of Web & Sheet-fed Printing

Sound Resources (shown)

Monthly National & Regional Tabloid Publications

  1. The Music Paper

  2. The Musicians Exchange

Multimedia International

Monthly National Magazines

  1. Produce Business

  2. Florals Business

Herald Communications

Weekly & Monthly Tabloid Newspapers

  1. The Community Herald

  2. Multiple High School Tabloids (The UN, Spence, and Brown)

Double Edge Publishing

Quarterly Comic Books

  1. Demons of the Mist

  2. Book of Spells

  3. Time Gates

E.W. Smith Publishing

Bi-weekly Community Tabloids

  1. The Sentinel (towns of New Windsor & Newburgh)

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