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Direct Mail

Taking clients’ products and/or services and creating dynamic and engaging Direct Mail concepts. Applying Art Direction, Graphic Design, and overall Production Management expertise, take concepts through to finished product.

Eon Labs (shown)

Targeted Audience: B2B

  1. 12-Month Promotional Postcard Program (company history on one side, and pharmaceutical history using old pharmacy ads on the flip side)

  2. Desktop Display Binder for Postcards

  3. Premium Promotions (Wireless Mouse, Multiport USB Device)

Tajima America Corp.

Targeted Audience: Small Businesses

• Response Mailer / Brochure promoting small embroidery equipment

Riverhead Building Supply

Targeted Audience: B2B

• Direct Response Mailer

• Direct Mail Postcards promoting store discounts

OptiSource International

Targeted Audience: B2B

• Trade Show Promotional Premiums (Wireless Mouse, Wireless Keyboard)

  1. Merged multiple Mailing Lists

  2. Direct Mail Postcard Series conveying brand services and promises

  3. Email Blasts

Custom Upholsterers

Targeted Audience: Consumer

  1. Oversized Direct Mail Postcards

  2. Capabilities Brochure

  3. Google Advertising Campaign & Email Blasts Campaign

American Solutions for Business

Targeted Audience: B2B & B2C

  1. Direct Mail Postcards

  2. Direct Mail Response Brochures

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