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Analyzing and applying the firm’s available marketing and sales trend statistics to develop a strategic products and services layout. Additionally, met with Sales Managers, Marketing Executives, and Purchasing Agents to discuss new product lines and categories.

• Art Direction of Layout & Photography 

  1. Project Management

  2. Production Management

  3. Graphic Design

  4. Illustration

  5. Budget Management

  6. Team Leader for In-house and freelance staff

  7. Prepress

• Print Production Oversight

Monstrosities (shown)

Targeted Audience: Retail & Consumer

OptiSource International

Targeted Audience: Eyecare Professionals

Casella Imports

Targeted Audience: Restaurant & Hotel Chains

Lab Aids

Targeted Audience: School Science Departments

Barker Brothers

Targeted Audience: Manufacturers


Targeted Audience: Distributors


Targeted Audience: Online B2B


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